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Think Regional; Act local

KTA is happy to offer its esteemed members a platform that brings together under one roof all requirements and regulations governing the road transport sector in the region. The aim of this information is to increase your business knowledge and enhance compliance.

By availing information that is general in the COMESA and EAC regions, and country specific requirement, KTA endeavours to add value to the business operations of its members by making this information readily accessible and available at the click of a button. Through this process, KTA hopes to make Kenyan transporters competitive in the region.

Tranportation requirements are an important know-how to any transporter and even shippers who want their cargo delivered on legal and standardised terms.

The Table below shows what the Kenya Transporter E-Portal pertains to this:

Registration Requirements 
Weighbridge Requirements  Border Crossing Requirements
 Documents  Documents  Documents
 Procedures  Procedures  Procedures: Import & Export
   Axle Load Limits  Rules & regulations
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