The Transport Observatory Project, TOP spearheaded by the Northern Corridor TTCA and KTA with support funding from TMEA is developed as a high impact and key tool in the improvement of the performance of the Northern Corridor, leading to reduced costs of transportation and of doing business with the direct impact of reduction in the costs for all stakeholders.

The objective of TOP is to identify areas of wastage in the trucking industry and general movement of goods along the Northern Corridor route and recommend corrective action to affected stakeholders with the aim of professionalizing the trucking industry where operators can break even on their business targets and promote trade along the northern corridor and the EAC region in general.

KTA is directly involved in data collection using road survey questionnaires and GPS Kits. The questionnaires and kits are issued to truck drivers at commencement of journeys and uploaded – for analysis - into the Transport Observatory server.

Through this project validation workshops are made and reports released periodically.


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