Quality and efficiency of road freight transport in Kenya to improve with Kshs 53m grant

 TMEA KTA Grant Signing 13092016

Mr. Ahmed FARAH, Trademark East Africa Kenya Country Director(left) exchanges agreements with Mr. Kiprop BUNDOTICH, Kenya Transporters Association Chairman (right) (Photo:Courtesy)

NAIROBI, Kenya, 13th September 2016 Kenya Transporters Association (KTA) and TradeMark East Africa (TMEA) have today signed a partnership agreement to enhance quality and efficiency of road freight transport in Kenya. 

According to an impact assessment study of the Northern Corridor, poor truck turn-around has been attributed to poor cargo off-take and delivery infrastructure, delays by transporters to pick cargo after Port release, delays within transporters facilities, and high frequency of stoppages along the Northern Corridor by drivers. On average, Kenyan trucks are presently doing 60,000 - 96,000 KMs/truck/year driving transport costs to an estimated 30% of the value of traded goods. In the most efficient trade corridors, the average KMs/truck/year is between 120,000 to 150,000 translating into significantly affordable transport and logistics costs of up to an average 4% of the value of traded goods. 

PUMP PRICES (15th Oct - 14th Nov 2015)

Pursuant to the provisions of THE ENERGY (PETROLEUM PRICING) REGULATIONS 2010, the maximum pump prices (in Kenya shillings per litre) for major towns during the period 15th October to 14th November 2015 have been revised.

    Super Petrol(PMS) Automotive Diesel (AGO) Kerosene(DPK)
1 Mombasa 89.98 79.15 53.32
2 Nairobi 93.29 82.43 56.04
3 Nakuru 94.02 83.35 56.88

Full Document can be downloaded here: PUBLIC NOTICE


Mike ScottTribute to Mike Scott

Mike passed away recently, at the good age of 75.

This milestone cannot be allowed to pass without FESARTA paying tribute to one of its most ardent supporters, since it was formed in 1993.That he chaired FESARTA for more than 8 years, gives testimony to his support for the regional association. But, it was not just his occupying the chairmanship that we remember him for. He openly and publicly voiced his support whenever the opportunity arose. Whether at a regional conference, or at a high-level meeting with overseas dignitaries, his message was always the same, regardless of who was listening – give support to FESARTA.

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