Having received various complaints from our drivers regarding harassment by Police officers who refuse to identify themselves by covering their name and service tag numbers through their safety jackets, we went ahead and sensitized the general public and more so our members on the Standing orders.

The National Police Service standing orders Chapter 43 on Identification of Police Officers clearly states:

1 (2) A Police Officer in uniform shall affix a nametag and an identifiable Service number in a clearly visible part of the uniform at all times.

(3) A Police Officer in uniform shall wear a nametag, badge or identifiable service number badge on the left breast of his or her outermost garment.

When police officers hide their identities from the public, opportunistic rogue/corrupt police officers will have an opportunity to harrass the same people they are supposed to serve.

It is also impossible for the public to report any misconduct of unidentifiable officers.

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