The secretariat attended the stakeholder's meeting on the Mombasa Gate Bridge project. Some of the key salient points discussed included: 

  1. The project is no-longer a concept. It's 100% confirmed by the state and is to commence in earnest and with strict time-lines.
  2. All buildings in ganjoni, aligned on the 1st row & on the left hand side of Bishop makarios road (sacred heart high school side), from the mombasa sports club roundabout to where this road joins moi avenue, will be acquired by the state and demolished. Those on the right hand side of the said road will be spared, except those that are sitting beyond moi university area to canon towers. These will also be demolished.
  3. Remuneration for claimed property & business owners to take place between june 2022 - june 2024. With a high probability to start with the king'orani, ganjoni, liwatoni & finally likoni area.
  4. Currently till june 2022, repcon associates ltd (the project's consultants) & later on, the national land commission (nlc) will validate the titles, update the title register & conduct valuations of the properties. Their staff will physically come to see & value the properties. Valuations will be based on current market values and not on historical costs technique. Property owners will also be free to conduct their independent valuations, for comparison with those of the NLC.
  5. Compensations will be based on the NLC valuations. One will however have the right of refusal to their property by seeking a court order/judgment. 
  6. The compensation/entitlement matrix will be on land, development, loss of residency/tenancy & loss of business. The NLC payment will also include a 15% extra gracia of the valuation.
  7. Actual construction works to commence in june 2023. Completion is projected for end 2027/early 2028.
  8. The likoni floating bridge will be demolished in the next 5yrs, once construction of the mombasa gate bridge reaches that site. It's assumed that by then, the floating bridge shall have fully given its value for money.



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