He always wanted action. He was tired of hearing the same old problems over and over again. Of course, he knew all the problems, right down to the last detail. Nobody was better equipped for this, because he wasn’t just a very senior person in Cargo Carriers, one of the largest and most respected transport companies, but he was also “hands-on”. He travelled extensively and picked up details from drivers, customs agencies, transporters, financiers and anyone else who was prepared to give information.

His knowledge of African countries is well known and probably unsurpassed.

He could speak nine African languages and, in some cases, he spoke better than those whose home tongue it was. He fraternized with many leaders of these countries and was always up-to-date with the latest political happenings. Of course, he read avidly about African affairs and international finances.   He knew why a country was going through difficult times and could link the economy with its financial position. Even potential investors would seek out his input on where and how to invest.

Mike never baulked at what he needed to do to achieve FESARTA’s objectives.

He always responded to e-mail requests with valuable input. He was prepared to travel to any meeting anywhere on the continent, if it could help FESARTA. There was at least one occasions, when he used the Cargo Carriers plane to take us stakeholders to a meeting in Beitbridge!

Even though Mike spent many of his earlier years crawling through the bush on some exercise or other, he never let the side down when it came to being dressed for the occasion. Jacket and tie, or suit, was the order of the day. I don’t think I ever saw him in a pair of shorts and, when it came to a regional conference, or the FESARTA AGM, it was only a neatly pressed suit.

We will all miss Mike very much. For his outspoken approach, his knowledge, his desire to help and his seemingly endless energy.

You are now at peace, Mike, though I’m sure the trucking industry is still somehow with you!

Written By: Barney Curtis

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