"We must be proud of this achievement having set the benchmark on vehicle load management for other EAC member states. But most importantly, the level of inter-agency and private sector co-operation exhibited during the entire exercise has created an atmosphere for the successful implementation of the charter," stated the KTA Chairman Paul Maiyo, who is also the chair of the charter drafting committee.

The 13 signatories comprising transporters, shippers, clearing agents, roads authority, police, revenue authority have committed to deliverables ranging from; improving weighbridge operations; sensitizing truckers, drivers and shippers on compliance among others.

The road transport is the most dominant mode of transportation in Kenya and the rest of EAC with over 95% of the export and import trade in Kenya being delivered by trucks. The trucking industry also provides over 50,000 jobs for Kenyans as managers, drivers, mechanics and others. It has been established that with overloading, the long term incremental direct & indirect costs that enterprises incurr in generating the incremental revenue and the potential high risks are unsustainable.

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