We represent the needs and concerns of our members and the road freight industry at local and regional level.


We advocate for transport policies that will increase investment in freight transport business and improve profitability of the trucking industry.


We inform, prepare and encourage our members to comply to the requirements of latest freight transport regulations.


We provide a platform for members to network, exchange ideas, information and opportunities that will be beneficial to their businesses.


We run training schemes to improve the knowledge of our drivers and fleet managers, while encouraging members to adopt best practises and internationally recognized industry standards.


We work towards a safe, secure, HIV/AIDS aware, gender sensitive and environmentally friendly trucking industry.


We are a networking platform that brings together individuals and organizations from different industries and sectors of the economy. Our members are guaranteed discounted services from various institutions that we have partnered with.


Our quarterly magazine and E-Portal are avenues we have invested in to assist our members increase their visibility, awareness and access to market opportunities.


Our focus is to make trucking in Kenya competitive in the region. Through regional meetings we organize or participate in, we have been able to build some of the trucking best practices and requirement lists from other countries that would boost the performance of our members who do cross-border logistics.


Our scheme of awarding compliant organization is aimed at encouraging compliance and boosting the image of our members in the road transport sector.

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