Membership Application Procedures


Follow these simple steps to apply for membership:

  1. Follow the LINK HERE to access online application forms(Ordinary or Associate Membership) for KTA membership
  2. Fill in the forms and ensure you attach all the necessary documents indicated in the online form.
  3. Make sure you provide valid email address in the online application as it will be used to communicate to you on the application status and the way forward.
  4. Once you have filled the online application form, submit it by pressing the submit button.
  5. Upon submission, a submission successful message will be displayed on the screen with a link to register your trucks with KTA
  6. Your details will be submitted to KTA Secretariat for verification before your application is approved.
  7. When KTA secretariat has gone through your application details, they will notify through the email you provided about the status of your application.
  8. If your application was accepted, you will be given details on how to make payments which are required for membership.
  9. If your application was not accepted, you will be notified via the email you provided during online application and a reason for rejecting your application. You will be adviced on the way forward.
  10. Once your application has been successful, you will be able to enjoy all privileges that comes with membership and membership certificate will be issued




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