Document required by customs to determine true value of the imported goods, for assessment of duties and taxes. A commercial invoice (in addition to other information), identifies the buyer and seller, and clearly indicates the following:-

  • Date and terms of sale
  • Quantity, weight and/or volume of the shipment
  • Type of packaging
  • Complete description of goods
  • Unit value and total value
  • Insurance, shipping and other charges (as applicable)

It relates to the invoice, provides details of how the goods are packed and details of the weights and measurements of each package in the consignment.
It is a valuable document to carriers it helps in loading. It is essential to customs clearance for carrying out inspection. To the importer it helps in identifying the content of the consignment. It is provided to transporter by Forwarding Agent
The document is required for export, mainly at border posts     

For exports to benefit from a preferential tariff, products need to be accompanied by a "certificate of origin"
It is provided by Revenue Authorities in East African Communities
The document is required for export, mainly at border posts




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