Weighbridge Procedures

By law truck must be weighed at designated weighbridges to ascertain their axle load. The process involves:

  1. The truck driver presents the documentation required for weighbridge processing. The required documents differ depending on whether the goods are local or transit (See Documents)
  2. At the weighbridge the truck follows the queue to wait for its turn to be weighed by the weighing bridge officials
  3. When the truck turns arrives, the driver rolls up the truck onto the weighing bridge for weighing
  4. If the weight is within the set limits the truck driver is issued by a weighing receipt that captures the details of the truck and its axle load
  5. If the weight exceeds set limits, the truck goes back to the queue to be weighed a second time.
  6. A second confirmation of excess weight will result in the truck being impounded by the Kenya Police Service and court proceedings started against the truck and driver.



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