Transport Registration Procedures

Company Registration Procedures

  1. Name Search: After identifying the at least three (3) names of your choice for a company/business name, one submits it to the office of the Registrar of Companies for a name search to be conducted. This may cost averagely $5.00
  2. BN/2 Form Registration: In the event that the name search was successful, you will be issued with a statutory document entitled; BN/2. Fill in what is appropriate to you (whether the company is a sole proprietorship/partnership/limited liability/ or trustee)
  3. Memorandum and Article of Association: Get a legal practitioner to prepare the MOU and Articles of Association for your new organization. These documents describe the objectives, rules, subscribers and authorised share capital of your company.
  4. Stamp Duty: The amount of money that you pay depends on your declared nominal capital as stipulated in the organization’s Article of Association. The Stamp duty forms are available at Kenya Revenue Authority offices. Fill in four forms and submit two copies at the Lands Registry, one to your banker and retain one copy.
  5. Declaration of Compliance: A commissioner of oath must endorse the BN/2 form, MOU and Article of Association on your behalf.
  6. Filing of Deeds: This is done at the Registrar of Companies offices to be placed in the Companies Registry that makes the organization a legal person. Attached to this are the MOU and Article of Association. For more information on the charges associated with the process visit the website of the Registrar of Companies.
  7. Tax Registration: Register for a Personal Identity Number (PIN), indicating the tax obligation of the organization as Value Added Tax (VAT) and Corporate Tax. This process can be done online from KRA’s website and attracts now charges
  8. National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) Registration. Register the organization with NHIF. This is mandatory medical contribution for your employees.



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